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Hello Stoners,
        I'd like to show the new growers a easy way to sex their Marijuana Plants. Cannabis stays in a vegetative state of growth in nature until fall when the daylight hours go down to 12 signaling to the plant it's time to reproduce. In a indoor controlled environment you trigger sex the same way. If your light cycle is 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark, your plants will start to show sex within about a weeks time. Male (staminate) plants are only good for production of pollen for breeding. If you wish to have Sinsemilla (seedless) female floral clusters you need to remove the males as soon as they are determined to be male. Use a method I call "Balls and Tongues".  The first place a plant will show sex is where the leaves connect to the stems and branches. A male plant will grow little "Balls" that will grow into corn-like tassles of flowers that will drop pollen. A female plant will grow two "Tongues" (pistils) that will reach up to grab the pollen. In time these female branches will grow into the high THC producing floral clusters Marijuana smokers know and love. After growing a few times you will learn to tell the difference quickly and easily.
                          "Balls" = Male (staminate)
                      "Tongues" = Female (pistillate)
                          {See Illustrations Below}
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